Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Jim's Rare Serials & B-Westerns Web site!  
We appreciate your business and hope you will stop by this site often to see what's new.

What is Your Return Policy?

I would be happy to replace any defective tape with a new one of the same title only.  Video retailers, especially collectors such as myself, generally do not offer refunds, due to the nature of our business and the possibility of "record and return."  Returned non-defective tapes will not result in refunds or charge credits.

Where Do You Get Your Rare Movies, and How is the Quality?

I have been building my collection of the best rare serials, movies and television shows for over 20 years.  I deal with other collectors all over the world to ensure that my videos are of the best quality available anywhere.  If you see a better copy of any of my classic videos anywhere else, please let me know!  I constantly strive to update and upgrade my collection.  Keep in mind that some of my movies, TV shows and serials are 40 or 50, or even 60+ years old, so they are not going to look like more recent films because the technology used to make them was very limited back then.

How Soon Can I  Expect to Receive My Order?

For orders within the U.S. - shipping is free, and I use USPS Media Mail (a.k.a. "book rate" or "special 4th class").  In-stock videos and DVDs are usually shipped right away.

For orders outside the U.S. - I generally use Global Priority Mail and add the actual shipping cost to your total charge.  Global Priority Mail is not significantly more expensive than the cheapest rate, but has been much more speedy.  Regular parcel post had been taking more than a month to arrive to countries such as Great Britain and Australia, so Global Priority Mail is well worth a bit more.

What is the Difference Between American VHS (NTSC) and PAL?

Most VCRs in America use the NTSC format.  The PAL format is used extensively in Europe, Asia and Australia.  Unless you have a VCR that can switch between and play both PAL and NTSC, you will not be able to play an NTSC tape in a PAL player, and vice versa.

Do You Have a Store?

We do not have a retail store, just the Internet/phone/mail order business.  However, you can see me at my various displays throughout the year, such as at the Bloomsburg Fair in Pennsylvania and auto shows in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Can I Order Different Groupings than What I See Here?

Please contact me using the "Ask Jim a Question" link regarding special orders.   

On What Speed are Your VHS Tapes Recorded?

We use the LP (middle) speed for cliffhanger serials in order to maximize the number of chapters which will fit on one tape, while maintaining viewing quality.  SP speed is available for $34.95 per selection; please specify in the comments section of your online order form if you'd like to special order the SP speed, and allow extra time for processing. 

The B-westerns are also on the LP speed, and are not available on SP.

Many  of the TV shows are already recorded on SP at no extra charge.  Please e-mail if you'd like to know for sure before ordering.

Please note that any videos ordered on the PAL system are recorded on the SP speed and are priced at $34.95.

We do not use the EP (sometimes called SLP) speed.

Do You Sell 16 mm Films and/or Movie Memorabilia?

We do not sell, buy or trade 16 mm films, posters, movie cards, or other memorabilia.  However, we do have a small collection of books about serials and B-westerns.  Please contact me for details.

Can I Link to Your Site?

ABSOLUTELY!  Please feel free to add a link to from your related Web site.  A fair amount of my business has always come from word-of-mouth referrals, and I appreciate your taking the time to refer your friends, relatives and Web site visitors to me.  Thank you!

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Internet or phone orders require payment by Visa or MasterCard.  We also accept mail orders using personal checks or money orders.  We do NOT accept PayPal, American Express or Discover Card.  International orders can use Visa or MasterCard, or send an international money order payable in U.S. dollars.  Please contact me for an international shipping quote if you're sending a money order, so you can send the correct amount.

Are Your Movies Available on DVD?

Yes, we have DVDs available in the DVD-R format.  Please be sure your DVD player is compatible with the DVD-R format before ordering.  This information would be in your owner's manual, probably within the first couple of pages.  If you do not still have your DVD player's owner's manual, you might check the manufacturer's Web site.   However, nearly all DVD players purchased within the past few years will work.

Still have questions?  Click on "Ask Jim a Question."