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Jim's Rare Serials & B-Westerns

60 Jacobs Lane, P.O. Box 477, Penn Run, PA 15765 USA

(724) 349-4455 FAX (724) 357-8406

$27.95 per tape/DVD or 2 tapes/DVD's for $50.00

$34.95 each for PAL tapes

Shows are pre-grouped as listed - not available as singles or custom groupings.


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#OZ1 - A Rose a Day, Bedtime Story, Dave's Car Payment, Ozzie Keeps a Secret, The Boys' Paper Route

#OZ2 - Barking Dog, The Girl That Loses Things, The Table and the Painting, A Question of Suit and Ties, The Trip Trap

#OZ3 - A Lamp for Dave & June, No News for Harriet, A Letter About Harriet, The Petition, Jealous Joe Randolph

#OZ4 - Manly Arts, Suggestion Box, The Law Clerk, Little Black Box, Handprints in the Sidewalk

#OZ5 - Little House Guest, Dave's Golf Story, Kelly's Important Papers, Old Friend of June's (only 4 episodes on this tape)


ozzie and harriet
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