starring LLOYD BRIDGES as Mike Nelson


Jim's Rare Serials & B-Westerns

60 Jacobs Lane, P.O. Box 477, Penn Run, PA 15765 USA

(724) 349-4455 — FAX (724) 357-8406

$27.95 per tape/DVD or 2 tapes/DVD's for $50.00

$34.95 each for PAL tapes

Shows are pre-grouped as listed - not available as singles or custom groupings.



#SEA101 - The Dam, Dock Fire, Chain of Evidence, Sea Serpent, The Invaders

#SEA102 - Female of the Species, Sonar Queen, Gold Below, Killer Whale, Girl in the Trunk

#SEA103 - Hard Hat, Monte Christo, Submarine Explosion, Prima Donna, Dead Man's Cover

#SEA104 - Lord Christoral, Bionics, Sub Hatch, Dark Evil, Hit & Run

#SEA105 - The Replacement, Cross Current, Storm Drain, Underwater Narcotics, The Destroyers

#SEA106 - Beyond Limits, Underwater Drop, Counterfeit, Expatriate Returns, Pirate's Gold

#SEA107 - Sound of Nothing, P.T. Boat, Starting Signal, Round Up, Strange Salvage

#SEA108 - Amigos, Expedition, Niko, Imposter, Sunken Car


#SEA109 - Crime at Sea, Vital Error, Sperling of Lamatsue, Rescue, Survival Kit

#SEA110 - The Female, Proof of Guilt, Ransom, Base of Operations, Water Nymphs

#SEA111 - Alligator Story, Pressure Suite, Underwater Station, The Lost Ones, Capture of Santa Rosa

#SEA112 - Underwater Security, Underwater Labyrinth, The Stunt, Jettisoned, Murder at 60 Feet

#SEA113 - Sea Sled, Diamond River, The Hero, Alcatraz Story, Baby

#SEA114 - Underwater Ejection, Strong Box, Changing Patterns, Catalyst, Missing Link

#SEA115 - The Cellini Vase, The Aquanettes, Man Overboard, Diving for the Moon, Amphibian

#SEA116 - The Poacher, Treasure Hunt, Underwater Shrine, The Persuaders, Mercy Strip

#SEA117 - Hot Tracers, Jade Caverns, The Octopus Story, The Raft, The Meet

#SEA118 - Ghost Light, Target, Mr. Big, Crime at Sea, Cougar

#SEA119 - Decoy, Kelp Forest, Hermes, Confidential, River Treasure

#SEA120 - Superman, Underwater Survey, The Getaway, Sonar Story, Recovery

#SEA121– Shipwrecked, Dead Man’s Cove, Underwater Patrol, Flooded Mine, Rapture of the Deep

#SEA122 – Pirate Gold, Lost, Killer Rock, Manganese Story, Nerve Gas

#SEA123 – Lost Ones, Legend of the Mermaid, Oil Island, Birthday Present, Girl Dives for Stolen

#SEA124 – Mr. Guini Pig, Midget Sub, Sacred Pool, Cave Diving, Chained

#SEA125 – Uranium Search, Time Fuse, Sponge Divers, Waterski Show, Mark of the Octopus

#SEAALL - All 20 Sea Hunt on American VHS or DVD-R for $550.00.  Not valid with "buy 10, get one free" or any other offer.  U.S. shipping is free!