Cliffhanger Serial Categories

Jim's Rare Serials & B-Westerns

60 Jacobs Lane, P.O. Box 477, Penn Run, PA 15765 USA

(724) 349-4455

$27.95 per tape/DVD or 2 tapes/DVD's for $50.00

$34.95 each for PAL tapes


All serials are complete on one tape. When I was growing up in Pittsburgh, I used to see one chapter of a serial each Saturday. It cost a dime, and was usually accompanied by a cartoon and two B-westerns. The serials are 12, 13 or 15 chapters long.

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Please select one of the following categories:

Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc.

Tiger Woman

Action, Adventure, Mystery Jungle Themes
Thrill with Dick Tracy, G-Men, Tailspin Tommy and More! Jungle Queen, Manhunt in the African Jungle, and
many more!

Radar Men From the Moon

Captain Marvel

Science Fiction Super Heroes

This category includes three different Flash Gordon adventures, plus one of my personal favorites from childhood, "The Purple Monster Strikes"

  Batman, Superman, The Green Hornet, Captain Marvel, The Shadow, Etc.


The Spider's Web


My Favorites

Remember Zorro, Johnny Mack Brown, Buck Jones, Tom Mix, Allan "Rocky" Lane?

In my opinion, the best cliffhanger serials ever made.

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