Joel McCrea
Buffalo Bill 90m (C)
Joel Mccrea Cont.
Cattle Drive 77m (C)
Cattle Empire 83m (C)
Colorado Territory 94m (B/W)
First Texan, The 82m
Fort Massacre 81m (C)
Four Faces West 90m
Gunfight At Dodge City, The 81m (C)
Lone Hand, The 79m (C)
Oklahoman, The 80m (C)
Outriders, The 93m (C)
Ramrod 94m
Ride The High Country 93mw/ Randolph Scott (C)
Stars In My Crown 89m
Trooper Hook 81m
Virginian, The 86m (C)
Wells Fargo 96m
Wichita 81m (C)

George Montgomery
Badman’s Country 69m
Battle Of Rogue River 70m (C)
Black Patch 83m (B/W)
Canyon River 80m (C)
Cowboy And The Blonde, The 68m
Cripple Creek 78m (C)
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout 71m
Fort Ti 73m (C)
Gun Belt 78m (C)
Hostile Guns 91m (C)
Indian Uprising 75m (C)
Iroquois Trail, The 83m
Jack Mccall, Desperado 76m (C)
King Of The Wild Stallions 76m (C)
Last Of The Bad Men 80m (C)
Last Of The Duanes, The 57m
Lone Gun, The 74m (C)
Man From God’s Country 70m (C)
Masterson Of Kansas 73m (C)
Pathfinder, The 78m (C)
Pawnee 80m (C)
Riders Of The Purple Sage (B)
Seminole Uprising 74m (C)
Texas Rangers, The 74m (C)
Toughest Gun In Tombstone 72m

Clayton Moore
(appeared in many Cliffhanger Serials)
Clayton Moore
as The Lone Ranger
(see my list of Classic Television)

Audie Murphy
Arizona Raiders 88m (C)
Battle At Bloody Beach 80m
Bullet For A Badman 86m
Cast A Long Shadow 82m
Cimarron Kid, The 84m (C)
Column South 84m (C)
Destry 95m (C)
Drums Across The River 78m (C)
Duel At Silver Creek 77m (C)
Forty Guns To Apache Pass 95m
Guns Of Fort Petticoat 82m (C)
Gunfight At Comanche Creek 91m (C)
Gunpoint 86m (C)
Gunsmoke 79m (C)
Hell Bent For Leather 82m (C)
Kansas Raiders 85m (C)
Kid From Texas, The 78m (C)
Night Passage 90m (C)
No Name On The Bullet 77m (C)
Posse From Hell 89m (C)
Quick Gun, The 89m (C)
Red Badge Of Courage 69m (B/W)
Ride A Crooked Trail 84m (C)
Ride Clear Of Diablo 81m (C)
Seven Ways From Sundown 87m (C)
Sierra 83m (C)
Six Black Horses 80m (C)
Texican, The 86m (C)
To Hell And Back 106m (C)
Tumbleweed 80m (C)
The Unforgiven 121m (C)
Walk The Proud Land 88m (C)
Wild And The Innocent, The 85m (C)
Randolph Scott
A Lawless Street 78m (C)
Abilene Town 89m
Badman’s Territory 79m
Belle Of The Yukon 84m (C)
Belle Starr 87m (C)
Bounty Hunter, The 79m (C)
Buchanan Rides Alone 79m (C)
Caribou Trail 78m (C)
Carson City 87m (C)
Colt .45 (Aka Thunder Cloud) 74m (C)
Comanche Station 74m (C)
Coroner Creek 88m (C)
Decision At Sundown 77m (C)
Desperadoes, The 85m (C)
Doolins Of Oklahoma, The 90m
Fighting Man Of The Plains 95m
Fighting Westerner, The 67m
Fort Worth 81m (C)
Frontier Marshal 71m
Gunfighters 87m (C)
Hangman’s Knot 84m (C)
Last Of The Mohicans 91m
Man Behind The Gun, The 81m (C)
Man In The Saddle 87m (C)
Nevadan, The 80m (C)
Rage At Dawn 87m (C)
Return Of The Badmen 87m
Ride Lonesome 73m (C)
Ride The High Country 93m (C)
Riding Shotgun 75m (C)
Santa Fe 87m (C)
Seven Men From Now 78m (C)
Seventh Cavalry 75m (C)
Shootout At Medicine Bend 87m
Stranger Wore A Gun, The 83m (C)
Tall Man Riding 83m (C)
Tall T, The 78m (C)
Ten Wanted Men 70m (C)
Thunder Over The Plains 83m (C)
Trail Street 84m
Walking Hills, The 78m
Westbound 69m (C)
Western Union 94m (C)
When The Dalton’s Rode 80m (B/W)

Other Titles/ Various Stars
A Man Alone – Ray Milland 96m (C)
Al Jennings Of Oklahoma-Dan Duryea 79m (C)
Ambush – Robert Taylor 89m
Ambush At Cimarron Pass – Scott Brady 73m
Ambush At Tomahawk Gap – John Hodiak 73m (C)
Annie Oakley – Barbara Stanwyck 88m
Apache Ambush – Bill Williams 69m
At Gunpoint – Fred Macmurray 79m (C)

Bad Lands – Noah Beery, Jr. 70m
Badlands Of Dakota – Robert Stack 74m
Baker’s Hawk – Clint Walker 105m (C)
Ballad Of Josie, The – Doris Day 102m (C)
Bells Of San Fernando – Donald Woods 76m
Best Of The Badmen – Robert Ryan (C)
Black Bart – Dan Duryea 80m (C)
Black Dakotas, The – Gary Merrill 65m (C)
Black Stallion, The – Rex The Horse
Black Whip, The – Coleen Gray 77m
Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado – Howard Duff 76m
Boss Cowboy – Buddy Roosevelt
Boy From Oklahoma, The – Will Rogers, Jr. 88m (C)
Brave Warrior – Jon Hall 73m (C)
Breed Of The West – Wally Wales
Broken Arrow – Jimmy Stewart 93m (C)
Buckskin Lady, The – Patricia Medina 65m
Buffalo Bill and Tomahawk Territory – Clayton Moore 66m
Buffalo Bill Rides Again – Richard Arlen
Bullwhip – Guy Madison 80m (C)
Bushwackers, The – John Ireland 68m

Cactus Barrier – Walt Wayne
Calamity Jane and Sam Bass – Yvonne Decarlo 85m (C)
California Passage – Forrest Tucker 90m
Call Of The Rockies – Ben Lyon
Call Of The Yukon – Richard Arlen 70m
Canyon Passage – Dana Andrews 92m (C)
Cattle King – Robert Taylor 90m (C)
Cattle Queen – Maria Hart 70m
Cattle Queen of Montana-Barbara Stanwyck 88m(C)
Charge At Feather River – G. Madison 96m (C)
Cheyenne – Dennis Morgan 99m
Circle Canyon – Buddy Roosevelt
Circle Of Death – Montie Montana
City Of Bad Men – Dale Robertson 82m (C)
Code Of The Red Man – Chief Thunder Cloud
Cole Younger, Gunfighter-Frank Lovejoy 78m (C)
Comanche – Dana Andrews 87m (C)
Command, The – Guy Madison 94m (C)
Conquest Of Cochise – Robert Stack 70m (C)
Courage Of The North – John Preston
Dakota Incident – Dale Robertson 88m (C)
Dalton’s Ride Again – Alan Curtis 72m
Dawn At Socorro – Rory Calhoun 81m (C)
Day Of The Outlaw – Robert Ryan 92m
Deputy Marshal – Jon Hall 74m
Desert Guns – Conway Tearle
Devil’s Canyon – Dale Robertson 92m (C)
Domino Kid, The – Rory Calhoun 74m
Don Ricardo Returns – Anthony Warde 67m
Drums In The Deep South – Guy Madison 87m (C)
Dude Goes West, The – Eddie Albert 86m

Escape From Fort Bravo – William Holden (C) 98m

Fighting Phantom – Kent Taylor
Fighting To Live – Reb Russell
Firecreek – Jimmy Stewart 104m (C)
Flaming Feather – Sterling Hayden 78m (C)
Flying Lariats – Wally Wales
Fangs Of The Wild – Rin Tin Tin
Fort Dobbs – Clint Walker 90m
Frontier Badmen – Robert Paige 77m
Furies, The – Barbara Stanwyck 109m
Fury At Furnace Creek – Victor Mature 86m

Gambler From Natchez -Dale Robertson 87m (C)
Gentle Annie – Donna Reed/James Craig 80m
Gentleman From Arizona -“Dusty”King 88m (C)
Geronimo – Chuck Connors 103m (C)
Good Day For A Hanging -Fred Macmurry 85m(C)
Good Guys And The Bad Guys – Robert Mitchum 91m (C)
Go West, Young Lady – Glenn Ford 70m
Great Day In The Morning – Robert Stack 92m (C)
Gun Glory – Stewart Granger 89m (C)
Gun That Won The West, The – Dennis Morgan 69m (C)
Gunfight In Abilene – Bobby Darrin 86m (C)
Gunfire At Indian Gap – Vera Ralston 70m
Gunmen From Laredo – Robert Knapp 67m (C)
Gunners And Guns – Edmund Cobb
Gunsmoke In Tucson – Mark Stevens 79m (C)
Guns Of The Timberline – Alan Ladd 91m (C)

Half Breed, The – Robert Young 81m (C)
Hard Man, The – Guy Madison 79m (C)
Heaven With A Gun – Glenn Ford 101m (C)
Hell’s Crossroad – Stephen Mcnally 73m
Henry Goes Arizona – Frank Morgan 66m

I Killed Wild Bill Hickok – J. Carpenter 64m
Iron Mistress, The – Alan Ladd 110m (C)

Jack Slade – Mark Stevens 90m
Jesse James V/S The Daltons-Brett King 90m (C)
Johnny Guitar – Joan Crawford 110m (C)
Jubilee Trail – Forrest Tucker 103m (C)

Kansas Pacific – Sterling Hayden 73m (C)
Kit Carson – Jon Hall 96m (C)

Lady From Cheyenne-Loretta Young 87m
Last Command, The-Sterling Hayden 110m (C)
Last Frontier, The – Guy Madison 98m (C)
Last Hard Men, The -Charlton Heston 98m (C)
Last Hunt, The – Robert Taylor 103m (C)
Last Of The Comanches – Broderick Crawford 84m (C)
Last Of The Desperadoes – James Craig 70m
Last Of The Redmen – Jon Hall 79m (C)
Law And Order – Ronald Reagan 80m (C)
Law And Order – Walter Houston 72m
Law Of The Lawless – Dale Robertson 87m (C)
Law Of The Timber – Monte Blue
Law V/S Billy The Kid, The -Scott Brady 73m(C)
Lawless Breed, The – Rock Hudson 83m (C)
Lightning Range – Buddy Roosevelt
Luck Of The Roaring Camps – Owen Davis, Jr.

Man From Colorado, The -Glenn Ford 98m (C)
Man From Del Rio – Anthony Quinn 82m
Man From Laramie, The – J. Stewart 104m (C)
Man From The Alamo, The-Glenn Ford 79m (C)
Man In The Shadow – Jeff Chandler 81m
Man Of The West – Gary Cooper 99m (C)
Massacre Canyon – Phil Carey 66m
Massacre River – Guy Madison 70m
Maverick Queen, The-Barbara Stanwyck 90m (C)
Montana Belle – Jane Russell 81m (C)
My Outlaw Brother – Mickey Rooney 82m

Naked Spur, The – Jimmy Stewart 93m (C)
Nebraskan, The – Phillip Carey 68m (C)
Nevada Cyclone – Fred Humes
Noose For A Gunman – Jim Davis 69m
Northwest Rangers – James Craig 64m
Northwest Stampede – James Craig 79m (C)

Omaha Trail, The – James Craig 64m
Once Upon A Horse -Rowan And Martin 85m
Oregon Trail, The – Fred Macmurray 86m (C)
Outcast, The – John Derek 90m (C)
Outlaw Stallion, The – Phillip Carey – 64m (C)

Parson and the Outlaw, The – Sonny Tuffs 71m (C)
Pillars Of The Sky – Jeff Chandler 95m (C)
Pony Soldier – Tyrone Power 81m (C)
Proud Ones, The – Robert Ryan 90m (C)

Quantrill’s Raiders – Steve Cochran 71m (C)
Quiet Gun, The – Forrest Tucker 77m

Raiders Of Old California – Jim Davis 72m
Rails Into Laramie – John Payne 81m (C)
Rampage at Apache Wells – Stuart Granger 90m
Range Riders – Buddy Roosevelt
Raw Edge – Rory Calhoun 76m (C)
Rawhide Terror, The – Art Mix
Reckless Breed, The – Scott Brady 78m (C)
Red Mountain – Alan Ladd 84m (C)
Red Stallion, The – Robert Paige (C) 81m
Relentless – Robert Young 92m (C)
Renegades – Willard Parker 88m (C)
Reprisal – Guy Madison 74m (C)
Return Of Rin Tin Tin – Rin Tin Tin 84m
Revolt Of Fort Laramie – John Dehner 73m (C)
Ride To Hangman’s Tree – Jack Lord 90m (C)
Ride’em Cowgirl – Dorothy Page
Road To Denver – John Payne 90m (C)
Robin Hood Of El Dorado -Warner Baxter 86m
Rock Island Trail – Forrest Tucker 90m (C)
Rogue Of The Rio Grande – Raymond Hatton

Santa Fe Passage – John Payne 90m (C)
Seminole – Rock Hudson 87m (C)
Shenandoah – Jimmy Stewart 106m (C)
Siege At Red River – Van Johnson 86m (C)
Sierra Baron – Brian Keith 80m (C)
Spoilers, The – Jeff Chandler 83m (C)
Storm Rider, The – Scott Brady 70m
Shut My Big Mouth – Joe E. Brown 70m
Silver Lode – John Payne 80m (C)
Silver Stallion – David Sharpe
Silver Whip, The – Dale Robertson 73m
Singing Cowgirl, The – Dorothy Page
Sitting Bull – Dale Robertson 65m (C)
Six-Gun Rhythm – Tex Fletcher
Skull And Crown – Rin Tin Tin
Smoke Signal – Dana Andrews 88m (C)
Smokey – Fess Parker 103m (C)
Son Of Belle Starr – Keith Larson 70m (C)
Son Of The Renegade – Johnny Carpenter
Stand At Apache River -Stephen Mcnally 77m (C)
Star In The Dust – John Agar 80m (C)
Station West – Dick Powell 80m (C)
Stormy – Noah Berry, Jr. 68m
Stranger At My Door – Macdonald Carey 85m
Sundown Jim – Jim Kimbrough

Take Me To Town – Sterling Hayden – 81m (C)
Tennessee’s Partner – Ronald Reagan 86m (C)
Texas Lady – Claudette Colbert – 86m (C)
Texan, The – Buffalo Bill, Jr. 64m
These Thousand Hills – Don Murray 96m (C)
Thirteen Fighting Men – Grant Withers 69m
Three Hours To Kill – Dana Andrews 77m (C)
Thunder Over Arizona – Skip Homeier 70m (C)
Timberjack – Sterling Hayden 90m (C)
Timber Terrors – John Preston
Tin Star, The – Henry Fonda 93m (C)
Toll Of The Desert – Fred Kohler, Jr.
Tomahawk – Van Heflin 82m (C)
Tomahawk Trail – Chuck Connors 62m
Traveling Saleswoman – Joan Davis 75m
Treasure Of Pancho Villa – Rory Calhoun 96m (C)

Under Montana Skies – Kenneth Harlan
Unforgiven, The – Burt Lancaster, Audie Murphy 121m (C)

Wagon Master – Ben Johnson 86m
War Paint – Robert Stack – 86m (C)
Warlock – Henry Fonda 122m (C)
Water Rustlers – Dorothy Page
Way Of The West – Wally Wales
Way West, The – Kirk Douglas 122m (C)
Westward The Women – Robert Taylor 118m
Whirlwind Rider – Buffalo Bill, Jr.
Wild Heritage – Will Rogers, Jr. 78m
Wings Of The Hawk – Van Heflin 81m (C)
Wyoming Mail – Stephen Mcnalley 87m (C)
Wyoming Renegades – Phillip Carey 73m (C)

Yellowstone Kelly – Clint Walker 92m (C)
Yellow Sky – Gregory Peck 94m
Young Guns, The – Russ Tamblyn 84m
Young Guns Of Texas -James Mitchum 78m (C)
Young Land, The – Patrick Wayne 89m (C)
(3) Rko Shorts – Ray Whitley (15m Each)

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