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Bob Allen
Ranger Courage
Ranger Steps In, The
Reckless Ranger
Rio Grande Ranger
Unknown Ranger

Rex Allen
Arizona Cowboy
Border Saddlemates
Colorado Sundown
Down Laredo Way
Hills Of Oklahoma
Iron Mountain Trail
Last Musketeer, The
Old Oklahoma Plains
Old Overland Trail
Phantom Stallion
Red River Shore
Redwood Forest Trail 67m
Rodeo King And The Senorita 67m
Shadows Of Tombstone
Silver City Bonanza 67m
South Pacific Trail
Thunder In God’s Country 67m
Under Mexicali Stars 67m
Utah Wagon Train 67m

Bob Baker
Black Bandit
Honor Of The West
Last Stand, The
Outlaw Express
Phantom Stage, The
Prairie Justice

Smith Ballew
Panamint’s Bad Man
Roll Along, Cowboy
Western Gold

Jim Bannon
Cowboy And The Prizefighter, The (C)
Fighting Redhead, The (C)
Ride, Ryder, Ride (C)
Roll, Thunder, Roll (C)

Don “Red” Barry
A Missouri Outlaw
Apache Kid, The
Arizona Terrors
Black Hills Express, The
California Joe
Canyon City
Carson City Cyclone
Cyclone Kid, The
Days Of Old Cheyenne
Dead Man’s Gulch
Death Valley Outlaws
Desert Bandit
Frontier Vengeance
Fugitive From Sonora
Ghost Valley Raiders
Kansas Cyclone
Man From The Rio Grande
One Man’s Law
Outlaws Of Pine Ridge
Outlaws Of Santa Fe
Phantom Cowboy, The
Sombrero Kid, The
Stagecoach Express
Sundown Fury
Sundown Kid, The
Texas Terrors
Tulsa Kid, The
Two-Gun Sheriff
Wyoming Wildcat

Rex Bell
Idaho Kid, The
Men Of The Plains
Rainbow RanchSaddle Aces
Stormy Trails
Tonto Kid, The
West Of Nevada

Johnny Mack Brown
(Also See: Brown/Ritter)
A Lawman Is Born
Arizona Cyclone
Back Trail
Bad Man From Red Butte
Bar Z Badmen
Between Men
Billy The Kid 91m
Boothill Brigade
Border Bandits
Boss Of Bullion City
Boss Of Hangtown Mesa
Branded A Coward
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
Canyon Ambush
Chip Of The Flying U
Code Of The Saddle
Courageous Avenger
Crooked Trail, The
Crossed Trails
Dead Man’s Trail
Desert Phantom
Desperate Trails
Drifting Along
Everyman’s Law
Fighting Bill Fargo
Fighting Ranger’
Flashing Guns
Frontier Agent
Frontier Feud
Gambling Terror, The
Gentleman From Texas, The
Ghost Guns
Ghost Rider, The
Gunning For Justice
Gun Talk
Guns In The Dark
Hell Town (W/ John Wayne)
Hidden Danger
Land Of The Lawless
Land Of The Outlaws
Law And Order
Law Comes To Gunsight, The
Law Men
Law Of The Panhandle
Law Of The Range
Law Of The Valley
Law Of The West
Lawless Land
Lost Trail, The
Man From Montana
Man From Sonora
Man From The Black Hills
Masked Rider, The
Oklahoma Frontier
Oklahoma Justice
Outlaw Gold
Outlaws Of Stampede Pass
Overland Trails
Partners Of The Trail
Pony Post
Prairie Express
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Raiders Of The Border
Raiders Of The South
Range Justice
Range Law
Riders Of Pasco Basin
Rogue Of The Range
Shadows On The Range
Sheriff Of Medicine Bow
Silver Bullet
Six-Gun Gospel
Son Of Roaring Dan 63m
Stagecoach Buckaroo
Stranger From Pecos
Stranger From Santa Fe
Texas Lawmen
Trail Of Vengeance
Trailing Danger
Trail’s End
Texas Kid
Trigger Fingers

Under Arizona Skies
Undercover Man
Valley Of Fear
Valley Of The Lawless
Vanishing Frontier, The 63m
Western Renegades
West Of Carson City
West Of El Dorado
West Of The Rio Grande
West Of Wyoming
Whistling Hills

Cheyenne Roundup
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Lone Star Trail
Little Joe, The Wrangler
Old Chisholm Trail, The
Raiders Of San Joaquin
Tenting Tonight On The Old Campground

Rod Cameron
Beyond The Pecos
Boss Of Boomtown
Brimstone 90m (C)
Fort Osage 72m (C)
Frontier Gal 84m (C)
Gun Hawk, The 92m (C)
Hell’s Outpost 90m
Oh! Susanna 90m (C)
Old Texas Trail, The
Panhandle 84m
Plunderers, The 90m (C)
Renegades Of The Rio Grande
Ride The Man Down 90m (C)
Riders Of The Santa Fe
River Lady 78m (C)
San Antone 90m
Santa Fe Passage 90m (C)
Short Grass 82m
Stage To Tucson 82m (C)
Stampede 78m
Strike It Rich 90m
Trigger Trail
Wagons West 69m (C)
Yaqui Drums 71m

Harry Carey
Law West Of Tombstone 73m
Powdersmoke Range 71m

Sunset Carson
Alias Billy The Kid
Bandits Of The Badlands
Battling Marshal
Bordertown Trail
Call Of The Rockies
Cherokee Flash, The
Code Of The Prairie
Days Of Buffalo Bill
El Paso Kid, The
Fighting Mustang, The
Firebrands Of Arizona
Oregon Trail
Red River Renengades
Rio Grande
Rio Grande Raiders
Rough Riders Of Cheyenne

Santa Fe Saddlemates
Sheriff Of Cimarron
Sunset Carson Rides Again (C)

The Cisco Kid/Gilbert Roland
Beauty And The Bandit 70m
King Of The Bandits 64m
Riding The California Trail
Robin Hood Of Monterey
South Of Monterey 63m

The Cisco Kid/Cesar Romero
Cisco Kid And The Lady, The 73m
Lucky Cisco Kid 68m
Return Of The Cisco Kid 73m With Warner Baxter
Romance Of The Rio Grande 73m
Viva` Cisco Kid 73m

Bill Cody
Blazing Justice
Border Guns
Border Menace, The
Cyclone Ranger
Frontier Days
Mason Of The Mounted
Montana Kid
Outlaws Of The Range
Six-Gun Justice
Texas Rambler, The
Vanishing Riders, The

Buster Crabbe
Arizona Raiders
Arizona Thunderbolt
Blazing Frontier, The
Border Badmen
Billy The Kid Trapped
Billy The Kid Wanted
Billy The Kid’s Roundup
Billy The Kid’s Smoking Guns
Cattle Stampede
Desert Gold
Devil Riders, The
Drift Fence
Drifter, The
Fighting Bill Carson
Frontier Outlaws
Fugitive Of The Plains
Fuzzy Settles Down
Gangster’s Den
Gentlemen With Guns
Ghost Of Hidden Valley
Gun Brothers 79m
His Brother’s Ghost
Kid Rides Again, The
Law And Order
Lawless 80’s 70m
Lighting Raiders
Outlaws Of The Plains
Overland Riders
Panhandle Trail
Prairie Badmen
Prairie Rustlers
Rustler’s Hideout
Shadows Of Death
Sheriff Of Sage Valley
Stagecoach Outlaws
Terrors On Horseback
Thundering Gunslingers
Valley Of Vengeance
Western Cyclone
Wild Horse Phantom

Bob Custer
Ambush Valley

Eddie Dean
Black Hills, The
Caravan Trail (C)
Check Your Guns
Colorado Serenade 68m (C)
Down Missouri Way (W/ J. Carradine) 74m
Driftin’ River
Harmony Trail W/Ken Maynard
Hawk Of Powder River
Prairie Outlaws
Range Beyond The Blue
Romance Of The West (C)
Shadow Valley
Song Of Old Wyoming 65m (C)
Stars Over Texas
Tioga Kid, The
Tornado Range
Tumbleweed Trail
West To Glory
Westward Trail, The
Wild Country
Wildfire W/ Bob Steele
Wild West 66m (C)

Eddie Dew
Beyond The Last Frontier

Wild Bill Elliott/Red Ryder
(Also See: Elliott/Ritter)
Across The Sierras
Beyond The Sacramento
Bitter Creek 74m
Bordertown Gunfighters

California Gold Rush (Rr)
Calling Wild Bill Elliott
Cheyenne Wildcat (Rr)
Colorado Pioneers (Rr)
Conquest Of Cheyenne (Rr)
Death Valley Manhunt
Fabulous Texan, The 95m
Fargo 69m
Forty-Niners, The 70m
Frontiers Of ’49
Gallant Legion 85m
Great Stagecoach Robbery (Rr)
Hands Across The Rockies
Hellfire 90m (C)
Hidden Valley Outlaws
Homesteaders, The 62m
In Early Arizona
In Old Sacramento 89m
Kansas Territory 65m
Law Comes To Texas, The
Last Bandit, The 90m (C)
Lone Star Pioneers

Lone Texas Ranger (Rr)
Longhorn, The 70m
Man From Thunder River, The
Man From Tumbleweeds, The
Marshal Of Laredo (Rr)
Marshal Of Reno (Rr)
Maverick, The 71m
Mojave Firebrand
North From The Lone Star
Old Los Angeles 87m
Overland Mail Robbery
Phantom Of The Plains (Rr)
Pioneers Of The Frontier
Plainsman And The Lady 90m
Prairie Schooners
Rebel City 63m
Return Of Daniel Boone
Return Of Wild Bill
San Antonio Kid (Rr)
Savage Horde, The 90m
Sheriff Of Las Vegas (Rr)
Sheriff Of Redwood Valley (Rr)
Showdown, The 86m
Son Of Davy Crockett
Sun Valley Cyclone (Rr)
Taming Of The West
Tucson Raiders (Rr)
Vigilante Terror 70m
Vigilantes Of Dodge City (Rr)
Waco 68m
Wagon Tracks West
Wagon Wheels Westward (Rr)
Wildcat Of Tucson
Wyoming 70m

Bullets For Bandits
Devil’s Trail, The
King Of Dodge City 62m
Lone Star Vigilantes
North Of The Rockies
Prairie Gunsmoke
Roaring Frontiers
Vengeance Of The West

Dick Foran
Blazing Sixes
California Mail
Cherokee Strip, The
Devil’s Saddle Legion, The
Empty Holsters 62m
Guns Of The Pecos
Land Beyond The Law
Moonlight On The Prairie 63m
Prairie Thunder
Song Of The Saddle
Trailin’ West
Treachery Rides The Range

Frontier Marshals
(Lee Powell, Bill Boyd, Art Davis)
Along The Sundown Trail
Prairie Pals
Raiders Of The West 63m
Rollin’ Down The Great Divide
Texas Manhunt
Trigger Pals (W/ Art Jarrett)
Tumbleweed Trail

Hoot Gibson
Boiling Point
Cavalcade Of The West
Cowboy Counselor 65m
Feud Of The West 62m
Fighting Parson, The 67m
Frontier Justice
Last Outlaw, The
Local Badman 62m
Lucky Terror 61m
Marshal’s Daughter, The 71m
Rainbow’s End
Sunset Range
Wild Horse

Monte Hale
California Firebrand 63m (C)
Home On The Range (C)
Last Frontier Uprising 67m
Law Of The Golden West
Man From Rainbow Valley, The
Missourians, The
Outcast Of The Trail
Out California Way 67m (C)
Pioneer Marshal
Ranger Of Cherokee Strip
San Antone Ambush
Son Of God’s Country
South Of Rio
Under Colorado Skies 65m (C)
Vanishing Westerner, The

Russell Hayden
A Tornado In The Saddle
Frontier Law
Knights Of The Range 70m
Last Horseman, The
Lone Prairie, The
Mysterious Rider, The 73m
Riders Of The Northwest Mounted
Saddles And Sagebrush
Wyoming Hurricane

Tim Holt
Arizona Ranger 63m
Along The Rio Grande 64m
Avenging Rider, The
Bandit Ranger
Bandit Trail, The
Border Treasure
Brothers In The Saddle
Come On, Danger
Cyclone On Horseback
Desert Passage 61m
Dude Cowboy
Dynamite Pass
Fargo Kid, The 63m
Fighting Frontier
Girl And The Gambler, The 62m
Gold Is Where You Find It 93m (C)
Gun Play
Gun Smuggler 62m
Guns Of Hate
Hot Lead
Indian Agent 65m
Land Of The Open Range
Law Of The Badlands
Masked Raiders
Mysterious Desperado
Overland Telegraph
Pirates Of The Prairie
Pistol Harvest
Red River Robin Hood
Rider From Tucson
Riders Of The Range
Riding The Wind
Rio Grande Patrol
Road Agent
Robbers Of The Range 62m
Saddle Legion
Sagebrush Law
Six-Gun Gold
Stagecoach Kid
Storm Over Wyoming
Thunder Mountain
Thundering Hoofs
Trail Guide
Under The Tonto Rim
Wagon Train
Western Heritage
Wild Horse Mesa

George Houston/The Lone Rider
Across The Border
Frontier Fury
Frontier Scout
Lone Rider Ambushed, The 62m
Lone Rider And The Bandit, The
Lone Rider Fights Back, The
Lone Rider In Cheyenne, The
Lone Rider In Ghost Town, The
Lone Rider In Texas Justice, The
Lone Rider Rides On, The
Outlaws Of Boulder Pass

Buck Jones
Avengers, The 63m
Black Aces 59m
Border Law 61m
Boss Of Lonely Valley 59m
Boss Rider Of Gun Creek 64m
Branded 60m
California Frontier 55m
California Trail 66m
Crimson Trail, The 55m
Dawn Trail 62m
Deadline 55m
Fighting Sheriff 59m
Forbidden Trail, The 71m
Hello Trouble 68m
Hollywood Roundup 63m
Ivory-Handled Gun 59m
Man Trailer, The 57m
Men Without Law 65m
Mckenna Of The Mounted 66m
One-Man Law 61m
Outlawed Guns 58m
Overland Express 53m
Range Feud, The (W/ John Wayne)
Ridin’ For Justice 61m
Rocky Rhodes 62m
Sandflow 58m
Shadow Ranch 60m
Silver Spurs 60m
South Of Rio Grande 60m
Stone Of Silver Creek 62m
Sudden Bill Dorn 60m
Sundown Rider 64m
Sunset Of Power 57m
Texas Ranger 61m
Thrill Hunter 61m
Throwback, The 60m
Treason 60m
Unknown Valley 68m
Wagons Westward 69m
When A Man Sees Red 61m
White Eagle 66m
Tom Keene
Arizona Roundup
Beyond The Rockies
Cheyenne Kid, The
Drift Fence
Driftin’ Kid, The
Drums Of Destiny 61m
Dynamite Canyon
Freighters Of Destiny
Ghost Valley
Glory Trail, The
God’s Country And The Man
Law Commands, The
Lone Star Lawmen
Old Louisiana
Painted Trail, The
Renegades Of The West
Riding The Sunset Trail
Saddle Busters, The
Scarlet River
Son Of The Border
Sundown Trail
Under Strange Flags 61m
Wanderer Of The West
Western Mail
Where Trails Divide
Where Trails End

Allan “Rocky” Lane /Red Ryder
Bandit King Of Texas
Bandits Of Dark Canyon
Bandits Of The West
Black Hills Ambush
Bold Frontiersman, The
Captive Of Billy The Kid
Carson City Raiders

Code Of The Silver Sage
Corpus Christi Bandits
Covered Wagon Raid
Death Valley Gunfighter
Denver Kid, The
Desert Of Lost Men
Desperadoes Of Dodge City

Desperadoes Outpost
El Paso Stampede
Fort Dodge Stampede
Frisco Tornado
Frontier Investigator
Gunmen Of Abilene
Homesteaders Of Paradise Valley (Rr)
Leadville Gunslinger
Marshal Of Amarillo
Marshal Of Cedar Rock
Marshal Of Cripple Creek (Rr)
Navajo Trail Raiders
Night Riders Of Montana
Oklahoma Badlands
Oregon Trail Scouts (Rr)
Powder River Rustlers
Renegades Of Sonora
Rough Riders Of Durango
Rustlers Of Devil’s Canyon (Rr)
Rustlers On Horseback

Salt Lake Raiders
Santa Fe Uprising (Rr)
Savage Frontier
Sheriff Of Sundown
Sheriff Of Wichita
Silver City Kid
Stagecoach To Denver (Rr)
Stagecoach To Monterey
Sundown In Santa Fe
Thundering Caravans
Topeka Terror, The
Trail Of Kit Carson
Vigilante Hideout
Vigilantes Of Boomtown (Rr)
Wells Fargo Gunmaster
Wild Frontier
Wyoming Bandit, The

Lash LaRue
Black Lash
Border Feud
Cheyenne Takes Over
Dalton’s Women, The 77m
Dead Man’s Gold
Fighting Vigilantes, The
Frontier Phantom
Ghost Town Renegades
King Of The Bullwhip
Law Of The Lash
Mark Of The Lash
Outlaw Country 70m
Pioneer Justice
Return Of The Lash
Son Of A Badman 62m

Son Of Billy The Kid 65m
Stage To Mesa City
Thundering Trail, The
Vanishing Outpost, The
Rex Lease
Silver Trail, The

Bob Livingston
(Also See: “Three Mesquiteers”)
Big Bonanza, The 69m
Laramie Trail, The
Law Of The Saddle (Lone Rider)
Pride Of The Plains
Wild Horse Rustlers (Lone Rider)
Wolves Of The Range (Lone Rider)

Jack Luden
Phantom Gold

Ken Maynard
(Also See: “Trail Blazers”)
Alias The Badman 64m
Avenging Waters
Between Fighting Men
Boots Of Destiny
Branded Men 63m
Cattle Thief
Come On, Tarzan
Death Rides The Range
Drum Taps
Dynamite Ranch
Fargo Express
Fiddlin’ Buckaroo, The 62m
Fightin’ Thru
Flamin’ Lead
Fugitive Sheriff, The
Gun Justice
Harmony Trail (W/ Eddie Dean)
Heir To Trouble
Hell-Fire Austin 65m
Heroes Of The Range 62m
Honor Of The Range 61m
In Old Santa Fe 64m
King Of The Arena
Lawless Riders
Lightning Strikes West
Lone Avenger, The 61m
Phantom Rancher, The 61m
Phantom Thunderbolt
Pocatello Kid, The
Range Law
Six-Shootin’ Sheriff
Smoking Guns 61m
Strawberry Roan 61m
Sunset Trail
Texas Gunfighter
Tombstone Canyon
Trail Drive 61m
Trailin’ Trouble
Two-Gun Man
Western Courage
Western Frontier
Whirlwind Horseman
Whistlin’ Dan

Kermit Maynard
Red Blood Of Courage
Song Of The Trail
Wilderness Mail

Tim McCoy
(Also See: “Rough Riders”)
Aces And Eights
Arizona Gangbusters
Black Mountain Stage
Border Caballero
Bulldog Courage
Code Of The Cactus
Daring Danger
End Of The Trail
Fighting Fool, The
Fighting For Justice
Fighting Marshal, The
Fighting Renegade
Fighting Shadows
Frontier Crusader
Ghost Patrol
Gun Code
Justice Of The Range
Law Beyond The Range
Lightnin’ Bill Carson
Lightnin’ Carson Rides Again
Lion’s Den
Lone Star Marshal
Man From Guntown, The
Man Of Action
Outlaw Deputy, The
Outlaws Of The Rio Grande
Outlaw’s Paradise
Phantom Ranger
Prescott Kid, The
Revenge Rider
Riding Tornado
Riding Wild
Roarin’ Guns
Rusty Rides Alone
Shotgun Pass
Silent Men
Six-Gun Trail
Square Shooter
Straight Shooter
Texas Cyclone (W/ John Wayne)
Texas Renegades
Texas Wildcats
Traitor, The
Trigger Fingers
Two-Fisted Law (W/ John Wayne)
Western Code
Westerner, The

Robert Mitchum
Nevada 62m
West Of The Pecos 66m

Jim Newill
Crashing Thru
Danger Ahead
Renfrew Of The Royal Mounted
Sky Bandit
Yukon Flight

George O?Brien
Arizona Legion
Bullet Code
Daniel Boone 77m
Dude Ranger, The 64m
Fighting Gringo, The
Gun Law
Hollywood Cowboy 63m
Lawless Valley
Legion Of The Lawless
Marshal Of Mesa City, The
O’mally Of The Mounted
Painted Desert
Prairie Law
Racketeers Of The Range 62m
Renegade Ranger, The
Stage To Chino
Thunder Mountain
Timber Stampede
Triple Justice 65m
Trouble In Sundown
When A Man’s A Man 67m

Jack Perrin
Hair-Trigger Casey
Phantom Of The Desert
Wildcat Saunders

Jack Randall
Cheyenne Kid, The
Danger Valley
Gunsmoke Trail
Man’s Country
Oklahoma Terror
Pioneer Days
Wild Horse Canyon
Wild Horse Range

Range Busters
Arizona Stagecoach (K,S,T)
Black Market Rustlers (K,C,T)
Bullets And Saddles (M,C,T)
Boothill Bandits (K,C,T)
Cowboy Commandos (M,C,T)
Haunted Ranch (K,S,T)
Kid’s Last Ride, The (K,S,T)
Land Of Hunted Men (M,C,T)
Range Busters, The (K,C,T)
Rock River Renegades (K,C,T)
Saddle Mountain Roundup (K,C,T)
Thunder River Feud (K,C,T)
Tonto Basin Outlaws (K,C,T)
Trail Of The Silver Spurs (C,K,T)
Trail Riders (K,S,T)
Trailing Double Trouble (C,K,T)
Tumbledown Ranch In Arizona (C,K,T)
Two-Fisted Justice (K,S,T)
West Of Pinto Basin (K,C,T)
Wrangler’s Roost (K,C,T)

Tex Ritter
(Also See: “Elliott/Ritter”,
“Brown/Ritter”And “Texas Rangers”)
Arizona Days
Arizona Trail
Cowboy From Sundown
Down The Wyoming Trail 62m
Frontier Town
Golden Trail, The
Headin’ For The Rio Grande
Hittin’ The Trail
Man From Texas
Marshal Of Gunsmoke (W/ R. Hayden)
Mystery Of The Hooded Horseman
Pals Of The Silver Sage
Rainbow Over The Range
Rhythm Of The Rio Grande
Riders Of The Frontier
Riders Of The Rockies
Ridin’ The Cherokee Trail
Roll, Wagons, Roll
Rollin’ Plains
Sing, Cowboy, Sing
Song Of The Gringo 62m
Starlight Over Texas
Take Me Back To Oklahoma
Tex Rides With The Boy Scouts 64m
Trouble In Texas
Utah Trail
Westbound Stage
Where The Buffalo Roam 61m

Roy Rogers
Along The Navajo Trail 66m (Uncut)
Apache Rose 75m (Uncut)
Arizona Kid, The 52m
Bad Man From Deadwood 53m
Bells Of Coronado 67m (C) (Uncut)
Bells Of Rosarita 68m (Uncut)
Bells Of San Angelo 75m (C) (Uncut)
Billy The Kid Returns
Carson City Kid 54m
Colorado 54m
Come On, Rangers 54m
Cowboy And The Senorita 77m (Uncut)
Days Of Jesse James 54m
Don’t Fence Me In 71m (Uncut)
Down Dakota Way 67m (C) (Uncut)
Eyes Of Texas 70m (Uncut)
Far Frontier, The 67m (Uncut)
Frontier Pony Express 53m
Gay Ranchero, The 72m (Uncut)
Golden Stallion, The 67m (C) (Uncut)
Grand Canyon Trail 67m (Uncut)
Hands Across The Border 73m (Uncut)
Heart Of The Golden West 53m
Heart Of The Rockies 67m (Uncut)
Heldorado 70m (Uncut)
Home In Oklahoma 72m (Uncut)
Idaho 70m (Uncut)
In Old Amarillo 67m (Uncut)
In Old Caliente 54m
In Old Cheyenne 53m
Jesse James At Bay 53m
King Of The Cowboys 67m (Uncut)
Lights Of Old Santa Fe 78m (Uncut)
Man From Cheyenne 53m
Man From Oklahoma, The53m
My Pal, Trigger 79m (Uncut)
Nevada City 55m
Night Time In Nevada 67m (B/W) (Uncut)
North Of The Great Divide (C) 67m (Uncut)
On The Old Spanish Trail 75m (Uncut)
Pals Of The Golden West 67m (Uncut)
Rainbow Over Texas 65m
Red River Valley 54m
Riding Down The Canyon 54m
Robin Hood Of The Pecos 53m
Roll On, Texas Moon 67m (Uncut)
Romance On The Range 63m (Uncut)
Rough Riders Roundup 54m
Saga Of Death Valley 54m
Sheriff Of Tombstone 54m
Shine On Harvest Moon 53m
Silver Spurs 54m
Song Of Arizona 68m (Uncut)
Song Of Nevada 75m (Uncut)
Song Of Texas 53m
South Of Caliente 67m (Uncut)
South Of Santa Fe 54m
Southward Ho 53m
Spoilers Of The Plains 68m (Uncut)
Springtime In The Sierras 75m (Uncut)
Sunset In El Dorado 54m
Sunset In The West 67m (C) (Uncut)
Sunset On The Desert 54m
Sunset Serenade 58m (Uncut)
Susanna Pass 67m (C) (Uncut)
Trail Of Robin Hood 67m (C) (Uncut)
Trigger, Jr. 67m (Color/Uncut)
Twilight In The Sierras 67m (C) (Uncut)
Under California Stars 70m (C)(Uncut)
Under Nevada Skies 69m (Uncut)
Under Western Stars 65m (Uncut)
Utah 72m (Uncut)
Wall Street Cowboy 53m
Yellow Rose Of Texas, The 69m (Uncut)
Young Bill Hickok 54m
Young Buffalo Bill 53m

Rough Riders
(Jones, Mccoy, Hatton)
Arizona Bound
Below The Border
Dawn On The Great Divide 70m
Down Texas Way
Forbidden Trails
Ghost Town Law
Gunman From Bodie
Riders Of The West
West Of The Law

Fred Scott
Code Of The Fearless
Fighting Deputy, The
In Old Montana
Knights Of The Plains
Roaming Cowboy, The
Romance Rides The Range
Songs And Bullets

Randolph Scott
(see my list of A-movies)

Charles Starrett – “The Durango Kid”
Badmen Of The Hills (Non-Dk)
Bandits Of El Dorado
Blazing Across The Pecos
Blazing Six-Shooters (Non-Dk)
Blazing The Western Trail
Blazing Trail, The
Bonanza Town
Both Barrels Blazing
Buckaroo From Powder River
Bullets For Rustlers (Non-Dk)
Cattle Raiders (Non-Dk)
Challenge Of The Range
Cowbooy Canteen 72m (Non-Dk)
Cowboy Star, The (Non-Dk)
Cyclone Fury
Cyclone Prairie Rangers (Non-Dk)
Desert Horseman, The
Desert Vigilante
Down Rio Grande Way (Non-Dk)
Durango Kid, The
Fighting Buckaroo, The (Non-Dk)
Fighting Frontiersman, The
Frontier Fury (Non-Dk)
Gallant Defender (Non-Dk)
Galloping Thunder
Gunnng For Vengeance
Heading West
Land Rush
Laramie Mountains
Last Days Of Boot Hill
Law Of The Canyon
Lawless Empire
Lawless Plainsman (Non-Dk)
Lone Hand Texan, The
Old Wyoming Trail (Non-Dk)
Outlaws Of The Panhandle (Non-Dk)
Outlaws Of The Prairie (Non-Dk)
Outpost Of The Mounties (Non-Dk)
Pardon My Gun (Non-Dk)
Pecos River
Phantom Valley
Prairie Raiders
Prairie Roundup
Return Of The Durango Kid, The
Riders Of The Badlands (Non-Dk)
Riders Of Black River (Non-Dk)
Riders Of The Lone Star
Rio Grande (Non-Dk)
Roaring Rangers
Rough Ridin’ Justice (Non-Dk)
Rough, Tough West, The
Saddle Leather Law (Non-Dk)
Six-Gun Law
Smoky Canyon
Snake River Desperadoes
South Of Arizona (Non-Dk)
South Of Death Valley
South Of The Chisholm Trail
Stampede (Non-Dk)
Stranger From Ponca City, The
Streets Of Ghost Town
Sundown Valley (Non-Dk)
Terror Trail
Texas Panhandle
Texas Stagecoach (Non-Dk)
Thundering West (Non-Dk)
Trail Of The Rustlers
Trail To Laredo
Two-Fisted Sheriff (Non-Dk)
Two-Fisted Stranger
Undercover Men (Non-Dk)
West Of Cheyenne (Non-Dk)
West Of Dodge City
West Of Sonora
West Of Tombstone W/ R. Hayden (Non-Dk)
Western Caravans (Non-Dk)
Whirlwind Raiders

Bob Steele
(Also See: “Three Mesquiteers” And “Trail Blazers”)
Ambush Trail
Arizona Gunfighter
Big Calibre
Billy The Kid Outlawed
Billy The Kid In Santa Fe
Billy The Kid In Texas
Billy The Kid’s Fighting Pals
Billy The Kid’s Gun Justice
Billy The Kid’s Range War
Border Phantom
Brand Of The Outlaw
Breed Of The Border
Desert Patrol
Doomed At Sundown
Durango Valley Raiders
El Diablo Rides
Feudmaker, The
Fighting Champ, The
Gallant Fool, The
Galloping Romeo
Gun Lords Of Stirrup Basin
Gun Ranger, The
Hidden Valley
Kid Courageous
Kid Ranger, The
Land Of Missing Men
Law Of The West
Law Rides, The
Lightnin’ Crandall
Man From Hell’s Edges, The
Navajo Kid, The
Near The Rainbow’s End
Near The Trail’s End
Nevada Buckaroo
No Man’s Range
Northwest Trail 62m (C)
Oklahoma Cyclone 63m
Pal From Texas, The
Paroled To Die
Red Rope, The
Rider Of The Law
Riders Of The Desert
Riders Of The Sage
Ridin’ Fool
Ridin’ The Lone Trail
Six-Gun Man
Smoky Smith
Smoky Trails
Son Of Oklahoma
South Of Santa Fe
Sundown Saunders 64m
Texas Buddies
Thunder Town
Thunder In The Desert
Tombstone Terror
Trail Of Terror
Trailing North
Trusted Outlaw, The
Western Justice
Wildfire W/ Eddie Dean (B/W)

Texas Rangers
Border Buckaroos (N,O,W)
Boss Of Rawhide (N,O,W)
Brand Of The Devil (N,O,W)
Dead Or Alive (R,O,W)
Enemy Of The Law (R,O,W)
Fighting Valley (N,O,W)
Flaming Bullets (R,O,W)
Frontier Fugitives (R,O,W)
Gangsters Of The Frontier (R,O,W)
Gunsmoke Mesa (N,O,W)
Guns Of The Law (N,O,W)
Marked For Murder (R,O,W)
Pinto Bandit, The (N,O,W)
Rangers Take Over, The (N,O,W)
Return Of The Rangers (N,O,W)
Spook Town (N,O,W)
Three In The Saddle (R,O,W)
Trail Of Terror (N,O,W)
West Of Texas (N,O,W)
Whispering Skull, The (R,O,W)

Three Mequiteers
Blocked Trail, The (S,T,D)
Call The Mesquiteers (L,C,T)
Code Of The Outlaws (S,T, Da)
Come On, Cowboys (L,C,T)
Covered Wagon Days (L,R,H)
Cowboys From Texas (L,R,H)
Frontier Horizon (W,C,H)
Gangs Of Sonora (L,S, Da)
Gauchos Of El Dorado (S,T, Da)
Ghost Town Gold (L,C,T)
Gunsmoke Ranch (L,C,T)
Heart Of The Rockies (L,C,T)
Heroes Of The Hills (L,C,T)
Heroes Of The Saddle (L,R,H)
Hit The Saddle (L,C,T)
Kansas Terrors (L,R,H)
Lone Star Raiders ( L,S, Da)
Night Riders, The (W,C,T)
Oklahoma Renegades (L,R,H)
Outlaws Of Cherokee Trail (S,T,D)
Outlaws Of Sonora (L,C,T)
Overland Stage Raiders (W,C,T)
Pals Of The Pecos (L,S,D)
Pals Of The Sadle (W,C,T)
Phantom Plainsmen, The (T,S,D)
Pioneers Of The West (L,R,H)
Prairie Pioneers (L,S,D)
Raiders Of The Range (S,T, Da)
Range Defenders (L,C,T)
Red River Range (W,C,H)
Riders Of The Black Hills (L,C,T)
Riders Of The Rio Grande (S,T,D)
Riders Of The Whistling Skull (L,C,T)
Roarin’ Lead (L,C,T)
Rocky Mountain Rangers (L,R,H)
Saddlemates (L,S, Da)
Santa Fe Scouts (S,T, Do)
Santa Fe Stampede (W,C,T)
Shadows On The Sage (S,T, Do)
Three Mesquiteers, The (L,C,S)
Three Texas Steers (W,C,T)
Thundering Trails (S,T, Do)
Trail Blazers, The (L,S, Da)
Trigger Trio (C,B,T)
Under Texas Skies (L,S,D)
Valley Of Hunted Men (T,S, Do)
West Of Cimarron (T,S, Da)
Westward Ho (S,T,D)
Wild Horse Rodeo (L,C,T)
Wyoming Outlaw (W,C,H)

Trail Blazers
Arizona Whirlwind (M,G,S)
Blazing Guns (M,G)
Death Valley Rangers (M,G,S)
Law Rides Again, The (M,G)
Marked Trails (G,S)
Outlaw Trail (G,S,T)
Sonora Stagecoach (G,S,T)
Utah Kid, The (G,S,)
Westward Bound (M,G,S)
Wild Horse Stampede (M,G)

Tom Tyler
Born To Battle
Brothers Of The West
Cheyenne Rides Again
Deadwood Pass
Fighting Hero
Laramie Kid, The
Mystery Ranch
Phantom Of The Range
Ridin’ On
Ridin’ Thru
Rio Rattler
Rip Roarin’ Buckaroo
Roaming Wild
Santa Fe Bound
Silver Bullet
Terror Of The Plains
Tracy Rides
Trigger Tom
When A Man Rides Alone

Jimmy Wakely
Across The Rio Grande
Brand Of Fear
Gun Runner
Gun Law Justice
Lawless Code
Lonesome Trail
Moon Over Montana
Partners Of The Sunset
Rainbow Over The Rockies
Range Renegades
Rangers Ride
Ridin’ The Dusty Trail (Riders Of The Dawn)
Roaring Westward
Saddle Serenade
Silver Trails
Song Of The Drifter
Song Of The Range
Song Of The Sierras
Song Of The Wasteland
Springtime In Texas
Trail To Mexico
West Of The Alamo

James Warren
Sunset Pass
Wanderer Of The Wasteland

John Wayne
(Also See: “Three Mesquiteers”)
Blue Steel
Big Stampede, The
Dakota 82m
Dawn Rider, The
Desert Trail, The
Haunted Gold
Hell Town (W/ Johnny Mack Brown)
In Old California 88m
King Of The Pecos
Lawless Frontier
Lawless Nineties
Lawless Range
Lonely Trail, The
Lucky Texan
Man From Monterey, The
Man From Utah, The
‘Neath The Arizona Skies
New Frontier, The
Paradise Canyon
Randy Rides Alone
Ride Him, Cowboy
Riders Of Destiny
Sagebrush Trail
Somewhere In Sonora
Star Packer, The
Telegraph Trail, The
Texas Terror
Three Faces West 80m
Trail Beyond, The
West Of The Divide
Westward Ho
Winds Of The Wasteland

Whip Wilson
Abilene Trail 62m
Arizona Territory
Canyon Raiders
Cherokee Uprising
Crashing Thru
Fence Riders
Haunted Trails
Nevada Badmen
Outlaws Of Texas
Range Land
Riders Of The Dusk
Shadows Of The West
Silver Raiders
Stage To Blue River
Stagecoach Driver
Wanted: Dead Or Alive
Wyoming Roundup

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