$27.95 or two for $50

Ace Drummond (Universal, 1936, 13 ch.) John “Dusty” King, Jean Rogers

Adventures of Captain Africa (Columbia, 1955, 15 ch.) John Hart, Bud Osborne

The Adventures of Captain Marvel (Republic, 1941, 12 ch.) Tom Tyler, Frank Coghlin, Jr.

Adventures of Frank and Jesse James (Republic, 1948, 13 ch.) Clayton Moore, George J.Lewis

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell (Universal, 1935, 12 ch.) Don Briggs

Adventures of Red Ryder (Republic, 1940, 12 ch.) Don “Red” Barry, Noah Beery, Sr.

The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (Mascot, 1935, 12 ch.) Rin Tin Tin

The Adventures of Sir Galahad (Columbia, 1949, 15 ch.) George Reeves

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Universal, 1942, 13 ch.) Tom Brown, Keye Luke, Sidney Toler

Adventures of the Flying Cadets (Universal, 1943, 13 ch.) Johnny Downs, Edwardo Cianelli

Atom Man vs Superman (Columbia, 1950, 15 ch.) Kirk Alyn, Lyle Talbot


Batman (Columbia, 1943, 15 ch.) Lewis Wilson, J. Carrol Naish

Batman and Robin (Columbia, 1949, 15 ch.) Robert Lowery, Johnny Duncan

Battling with Buffalo Bill (Universal, 1931, 12 ch.) Tom Tyler

Black Arrow (Columbia, 1944, 15 ch.) Robert Scott, Kenneth MacDonald

The Black Coin (Stage and Screen, 1936, 15 ch.) Ralph Graves, Dave O?Brien

The Black Widow (Republic, 1947, 13 ch.) Bruce Edwards, Carol Forman

Blackhawk (Columbia, 1952, 15 ch.) Kirk Alyn, Carol Forman

Blake of Scotland Yard (Victory, 1937, 15 ch.) Ralph Byrd

Blazing the Overland Trail (Columbia, 1956, 15 ch.) Dennis Moore, Lee Roberts

Brick Bradford (Columbia, 1948, 15 ch.) Kane Richmond

Buck Rogers (Universal, 1939, 12 ch.) Buster Crabbe, Anthony Warde

Burn ‘Em Up Barnes (Mascot, 1934, 12 ch.) Jack Mulhall


The Call of the Savage (Universal, 1935, 12 ch.) Noah Berry Jr.

Canadian Mounties vs Atomic Invaders (Republic, 1953, 12 ch.) Bill Henry, Dale Van Sickel

Captain America (Republic, 1943, 15 ch.) Dick Purcell, Lorna Gray

Captain Video (Columbia, 1951, 15 ch.) Judd Holdren

Chick Carter, Detective (Columbia, 1946, 15 ch.) Lyle Talbot

The Clutching Hand (Stage and Screen, 1936, 15 ch.) Jack Mulhall

Cody of the Pony Express (Columbia, 1950, 15 ch.) Jock Mahoney, Dicky Moore

Congo Bill (Columbia, 1948, 15 ch.) Don McGuire

The Crimson Ghost (Republic, 1946, 12 ch.) Charles Quigley, Clayton Moore, Linda Stirling

Custer’s Last Stand (Stage and Screen, 1936, 15 ch.) Rex Lease


Dangers of the Canadian Mounted (Republic, 1948, 12 ch.) Jim Bannon, Anthony Warde

Daredevils of the Red Circle (Republic, 1939, 12 ch.) Charles Quigley, Herman Brix, David Sharp

Darkest Africa (Republic, 1936, 15 ch.) Clyde Beatty, Eddie Cobb

Daughter of Don Q (Republic, 1946, 12 ch.) Kirk Alyn, Roy Barcroft

Deadwood Dick (Columbia, 1940, 15 ch.) Don Douglas, Lorna Grey

The Desert Hawk (Columbia, 1944, 15 ch.) Gilbert Roland

Desperadoes of the West (Republic, 1950, 12 ch.) Richard Powers, I. Stanford Jolley

The Devil Horse (Mascot, 1932, 12 ch.) Harry Carey

Dick Tracy (Republic, 1937, 15 ch.) Ralph Byrd

Dick Tracy Returns (Republic, 1938, 15 ch.) Ralph Byrd

Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc (Republic, 1941, 15 ch.) Ralph Byrd

Dick Tracy’s G-Men (Republic, 1939, 15 ch.) Ralph Byrd

Don Daredevil Rides Again (Republic, 1951, 12 ch.) Ken Curtis, Roy Barcroft

Don Winslow of the Coast Guard (Universal, 1942, 13 ch.) Don Terry, Walter Sande

Don Winslow of the Navy (Universal, 1941, 12 ch.) Don Terry, Walter Sande

Drums of Fu Manchu (Republic, 1940, 15 ch.) Henry Brandon, Robert Kellard


Federal Agents vs Underworld, Inc (Republic, 1949, 12 ch.) Kirk Alyn, Roy Barcroft

Federal Operator 99 (Republic, 1945, 12 ch.) Martin Lamont, George J. Lewis

The Fighting Devil Dogs (Republic, 1938, 12 ch.) Lee Powell, Herman Brix

Fighting Marines, The (Mascot, 1935, 12 ch.) Grant Withers

Fighting with Kit Carson (Mascot, 1933, 12 ch.) Johnny Mack Brown, Noah Beery, Sr.

Flaming Frontiers (Universal, 1938, 15 ch.) Johnny Mack Brown, James Blaine

Flash Gordon (Universal, 1936, 13 ch.) Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers, Charles Middleton

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (Universal, 1940, 12 ch.) Buster Crabbe, Charles Middleton

Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars (Universal, 1938, 15 ch.) Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers, Charles Middleton

Flying Disc Man From Mars (Republic, 1951, 12 ch.) Walter Reed, James Craven, Gregory Gay

Flying G-Men (Columbia, 1939, 15 ch.) Robert Paige, Robert Fiske


G-Men Never Forget (Republic, 1947, 12 ch.) Clayton Moore, Roy Barcroft

G-Men vs the Black Dragon (Republic, 1943, 15 ch.) Rod Cameron, George J. Lewis

The Galloping Ghost (Mascot, 1931, 12 ch.) “Red” Grange

Gangbusters (Universal, 1942, 13 ch.) Kent Taylor

Ghost of Zorro (Republic, 1949, 12 ch.) Clayton Moore, Roy Barcroft

Gordon of Ghost City (Universal, 1933, 12 ch.) Buck Jones

Government Agents vs the Phantom Legion (Republic, 1951, 12 ch.) Walter Reed, Dick Curtis

The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd (Columbia, 1953, 15 ch.) Richard Crane, Marshall Reed

The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (Columbia, 1938, 15 ch.) Wild Bill Elliott

The Great Alaskan Mystery (Universal, 1944, 13 ch.) Milburn Stone, Ralph Morgan

The Green Archer (Columbia, 1940, 15 ch.) Victor Jory, James Craven

The Green Hornet (Universal, 1939, 13 ch.) Gordon Jones, Keye Luke

The Green Hornet Strikes Again (Universal, 1940, 15 ch.) Warren Hull, Keye Luke

Gunfighters of the Northwest (Columbia, 1954, 15 ch.) Jock Mahoney, Clayton Moore


Haunted Harbor aka Pirates Harbor (Republic, 1944, 15 ch.) Kane Richmond, Roy Barcroft

Hawk of the Wilderness (Republic, 1938, 12 ch.) Herman Brix, Mala

Heroes Of The West (Universal, 1932, 12 ch.) ?Noah Beery, Jr.

Holt of the Secret Service (Columbia, 1941, 15 ch.) Jack Holt

Hop Harrigan (Columbia, 1946, 15 ch.) William Bakewell,? Buzz Henry

The Hurricane Express (Mascot, 1932, 12 ch.) John Wayne


The Invisible Monster (Republic, 1950, 12 ch.) Richard Webb, Stanley Price

The Iron Claw (Columbia, 1941, 15 ch.) Charles Quigley, Walter Sande


Jack Armstrong (Columbia, 1947, 15 ch.) John Hart

The James Brothers of Missouri (Republic, 1949, 12 ch.) Keith Richards, Roy Barcroft

Jesse James Rides Again (Republic, 1947, 13 ch.) Clayton Moore, Roy Barcroft

Jungle Drums of Africa (Republic, 1952, 12 ch.) Clayton Moore

Jungle Jim (Universal, 1936, 12 ch.) Grant Withers

Jungle Menace (Columbia, 1937, 15 ch.) Frank Buck

Jungle Queen (Universal, 1945, 13 ch.) Ruth Roman

Jungle Raiders (Columbia, 1945, 15 ch.) Kane Richmond, Eddie Quillan

Junior G-Men (Universal, 1940, 12 ch.) Billy Halop, Huntz Hall

Junior G-Men of the Air (Universal, 1942, 12 ch.) Billy Halop, Huntz Hall


King of the Carnival (Republic, 1955, 12 ch.) Harry Lauter, Gregory Gay

King of the Congo (Columbia, 1952, 15 ch.) Buster Crabbe

King of the Forest Rangers (Republic, 1946, 12 ch.) Larry Thompson, Anthony Warde

King of the Rocketmen (Republic, 1949, 12 ch.) Tris Coffin, I. Stanford Jolley

King of the Royal Mounted (Republic, 1940, 12 ch.), Allan Lane, Robert Kellard

King of the Texas Rangers (Republic, 1941, 12 ch.) “Slingin” Sammy Baugh, Duncan Renaldo, Roy Barcroft

King of the Wild (Mascot, 1931, 12 ch.) Walter Miller, Boris Karloff


The Last Frontier (RKO, 1932, 12 ch.) Lon Chaney, Jr

The Last of the Mohicans (Mascot, 1932, 12 ch.) Harry Carey, Frank Coghlin

The Law of the Wild (Mascot, 1934, 12 ch.) Rin-Tin-Tin, Bob Custer

The Lightning Warrior (Mascot, 1931, 12 ch.) Rin-Tin-Tin, Frankie Darro

The Lone Defender (Mascot, 1930, 12 ch.) Rin-Tin-Tin, Walter Miller

The Lost City of the Jungle (Universal, 1946, 13 ch.) Russell Hayden, Keye Luke

The Lost City (Krellberg/Regal, 1935, 12 ch.) Kane Richmond, George ?Gabby? Hayes

The Lost Jungle (Mascot, 1934, 12 ch.) Clyde Beatty, Syd Saylor

The Lost Planet (Columbia, 1953, 15 ch.) Judd Holdren, Gene Roth

The Lost Special (Universal, 1932, 12 ch.) Frank Albertson


Man with the Steel Whip (Republic, 1954, 12 ch.) Richard Simmons, Roy Barcroft

Mandrake, the Magician (Columbia, 1939, 12 ch.) Warren Hull

Manhunt In The African Jungle (Republic, 1943, 15 ch.) Rod Cameron, Duncan Renaldo??????????????????????? ?????(aka Secret Service in Darkest Africa)

Manhunt of Mystery Island (Republic, 1945, 15 ch.) Linda Stirling, Roy Barcroft

The Masked Marvel (Republic, 1943, 12 ch.) William Forrest, Louise Currie, Tom Steele

The Master Key (Universal, 1945, 13 ch.) Milburn Stone, Dennis Moore

The Miracle Rider (Mascot, 1935, 15 ch.) Tom Mix, Charles Middleton

The Monster and the Ape (Columbia, 1945, 15 ch.) Robert Lowery, George Macready

Mysterious Dr Satan (Republic, 1940, 15 ch.) Robert Wilcox, Edward Cianelli

Mysterious Island (Columbia, 1951, 15 ch.) Richard Crane

The Mysterious Mr M (Universal, 1946, 13 ch.) Richard Martin, Dennis Moore

The Mysterious Pilot (Columbia, 1937, 15 ch.) Captain Frank Hawks

Mystery Mountain (Mascot, 1934, 12 ch.) Ken Maynard, Syd Saylor

Mystery of the River Boat (Universal, 1944, 13 ch.) Robert Lowery, Lyle Talbot

Mystery Squadron (Mascot, 1933, 12 ch.) Bob Steele, Jack Mulhall

Mystery Trooper (Syndicate Pictures, 1931, 10 ch.) Buzz Barton


The New Adventures of Tarzan (BTE, 1935, 12 ch.) Herman Brix AKA Bruce Bennett

Nyoka And The Tigermen aka Perils of Nyoka (Republic, 1942, 15 ch.) ?Kay Aldridge, Clayton Moore, Adrian Booth


The Oregon Trail (Universal, 1939, 15 ch.) Johnny Mack Brown, James Blaine

Overland Mail (Universal, 1942, 15 ch.) Lon Chaney, Jr., Don Terry, Noah Beery, Jr., Noah Beery, Sr.

Overland with Kit Carson (Columbia, 1939, 15 ch.) Wild Bill Elliott, Trevor Bardette, Iron Eyes Cody


The Painted Stallion (Republic, 1937, 12 ch.) Ray “Crash” Corrigan, Hoot Gibson, LeRoy Mason

Panther Girl of the Kongo (Republic, 1955, 12 ch.) Phyllis Coates, Myron Healy

Perils of Nyoka aka Nyoka and the Tigermen (Republic, 1942, 15 ch.) Kay Aldridge, Clayton Moore, Adrian Booth

Perils of Pauline (Universal, 1933, 12 ch.) Evelyn Knapp

Perils Of The Darkest Jungle aka The Tiger Woman (Republic, 1944, 12 ch.) – Allan Lane, George J. Lewis, Linda Stirling

Perils of the Royal Mounted (Columbia, 1942, 15 ch.) Robert Stevens, Kenneth MacDonald

Perils of the Wilderness (Columbia, 1956, 15 ch.) Dennis Moore, Kenneth MacDonald

The Phantom (Columbia, 1943, 15 ch.) Tom Tyler, Kenneth MacDonald

The Phantom Creeps (Universal, 1939, 12 ch.) Bela Lugosi

The Phantom Empire (Mascot, 1935, 12 ch.) Gene Autry

Phantom of the Air (Universal, 1933, 12 ch.) Tom Tyler, LeRoy Mason

The Phantom of the West (Mascot, 1931, 10 ch.) Tom Tyler

The Phantom Rider (Universal, 1936, 15 ch.) Buck Jones

The Phantom Rider (Republic, 1946, 12 ch.) Robert Kent, Peggy Stewart

Pirate Treasure (Universal, 1934, 12 ch.) Richard Talmadge

Pirate?s Harbor aka Haunted Harbor (Republic, 1944, 15 ch.) Kane Richmond, Roy Barcroft

Pirates of the High Seas (Columbia, 1950, 15 ch.) Buster Crabbe

The Purple Monster Strikes (Republic, 1945, 15 ch.) Dennis Moore, Linda Stirling, Roy Barcroft


Queen of the Jungle (Screen Attractions, 1935, 12 ch.) Reed Howes, Mary Kortman


Radar Men From the Moon (Republic, 1952, 12 ch.) George Wallace, Clayton Moore, Roy Barcroft

Radar Patrol vs Spy King (Republic, 1950, 12 ch.) Kirk Alyn, Anthony Warde, George J. Lewis

Radio Patrol (Universal, 1937, 12 ch.) Grant Withers, Montague Shaw

Raiders of Ghost City (Universal, 1944, 13 ch.) Dennis Moore, Lionel Atwill

Red Barry (Universal 1938, 13 ch.) Buster Crabbe, Frank Lackteen

The Red Rider (Universal, 1934, 15 ch.) Buck Jones, Grant Withers

The Return of Chandu (Principal Pictures, 1934, 12 ch.) Bela Lugosi

Riders of Death Valley (Universal, 1941, 15 ch.) Dick Foran, Buck Jones, Charles Bickford

Riding with Buffalo Bill (Columbia, 1954, 15 ch.) Marshall Reed

Roar of the Iron Horse (Columbia, 1951, 15 ch.) Jock Mahoney

The Roaring West (Universal, 1935, 15 ch.) Buck Jones

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island (Republic, 1936, 14 ch.) Mala

The Royal Mounted Rides Again (Universal, 1945, 13 ch.) Bill Kennedy

Rustlers of Red Dog (Universal, 1935, 12 ch.) Johnny Mack Brown, Harry Woods


The Scarlet Horseman (Universal, 1946, 13 ch.) Paul Guilfoyle

Scouts to the Rescue (Universal, 1938, 12 ch.) Jackie Cooper

The Sea Hound (Columbia, 1947, 15 ch.) Buster Crabbe

Sea Raiders (Universal, 1941, 12 ch.) Billy Halop, Huntz Hall

Secret Agent X-9 (Universal, 1937, 12 ch.),Scott Kolk, Jean Rogers

Secret Agent X-9 (Universal, 1945, 13 ch.) Lloyd Bridges

The Secret Code (Columbia, 1942, 15 ch.) Paul Kelly, Trevor Bardette

The Secret of Treasure Island (Columbia, 1938, 15 ch.) Don Terry, Grant Withers

Secret Service in Darkest Africa aka Manhunt In The African Jungle (Republic, 1943, 15 ch.) – Rod Cameron, Duncan Renaldo

The Shadow of Chinatown (Victory, 1936, 15 ch.) Bela Lugosi, Herman Brix

The Shadow of the Eagle (Mascot, 1932, 12 ch.) John Wayne

The Shadow (Columbia, 1940, 15 ch.) Victor Jory, Veda Ann Borg

Sign of the Wolf (Metropolitan, 1931, 10 ch.) Rex Lease

Sky Raiders (Universal, 1941, 12 ch.) Donald Woods, Billy Halop, Edward Ciannelli

Son of Geronimo (Columbia, 1952, 15 ch.) Clayton Moore, Marshall Reed, Bud Osborne

The Son of the Guardsman (Columbia, 1946, 15 ch.) Robert Shaw

Son of Zorro (Republic, 1947, 13 ch.) George Turner, Peggy Stewart, Roy Barcroft, Tom Steele

SOS Coast Guard (Republic, 1937, 12 ch.) Ralph Byrd, Bela Lugosi

The Spider Returns (Columbia, 1941, 15 ch.) Warren Hull, Kenny Duncan

The Spider’s Web (Columbia, 1938, 15 ch.) Warren Hull, Kenny Duncan

Spy Smasher (Republic, 1942, 12 ch.) Kane Richmond

Superman (Columbia, 1948, 15 ch.) Kirk Alyn, Carol Forman


Tailspin Tommy (Universal, 1934, 12 ch.) Maurice Murphy, Noah Beery, Jr.

Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery (Universal, 1935, 12 ch.) Clark Williams, Noah Beery,Jr., Jean Rogers

(The New Adventures of) Tarzan (BTE, 1935, 12 ch.) Herman Brix AKA Bruce Bennett

Terry and the Pirates (Columbia, 1940, 15 ch.) William Tracy

Tex Granger (Columbia, 1948, 15 ch.) Robert Kellard, Peggy Stewart

The Three Musketeers (Mascot, 1933, 12 ch.) John Wayne

The Tiger Woman aka Perils Of The Darkest Jungle (Republic, 1944, 12 ch.) – Allan Lane, Duncan Renaldo, Linda Stirling

Tim Tyler’s Luck (Universal, 1937, 12 ch.) Frankie Thomas

Trader Tom of the China Seas (Republic, 1954, 12 ch.) Harry Lauter, Lyle Talbot


Undersea Kingdom (Republic, 1936, 12 ch.) Ray “Crash” Corrigan


The Valley of Vanishing Men (Columbia, 1942, 15 ch.) Will Bill Elliott, Kenneth MacDonald

The Vanishing Legion (Mascot, 1931, 12 ch.) Harry Carey

The Vanishing Shadow (Universal, 1934) Onslow Stevens, Ada Ince, Walter Miller

The Vigilante (Columbia, 1947, 15 ch.) Ralph Byrd

The Vigilantes Are Coming (Republic, 1936, 12 ch.) Robert Livingston as ?The Eagle?, Raymond Hatton, ?Big Boy? Williams


The Whispering Shadow (Mascot, 1933, 12 ch.) Bela Lugosi

White Eagle (Columbia, 1941, 15 ch.) Buck Jones, Raymond Hatton

Who’s Guilty (Columbia, 1945, 15 ch.) Robert Kent, Charles Middleton

Wild West Days (Universal, 1937, 13 ch.) Johnny Mack Brown

Winners of the West (Universal, 1940, 13 ch.) Dick Foran

The Wolf Dog (Mascot, 1933, 12 ch.) Rin-Tin-Tin,Jr., Frankie Darro


Young Eagles (First Division, 1934, 12 ch.) Bobby Cox


Zombies of the Stratosphere (Republic, 1952, 12 ch.) Judd Holdren, Aline Towne

Zorro Rides Again (Republic, 1937, 12 ch.) John Carroll, Duncan Renaldo

Zorro’s Black Whip (Republic, 1944, 12 ch.) Linda Stirling, George J. Lewis

Zorro’s Fighting Legion (Republic, 1939, 12 ch.) Reed Hadley, C. Montague Shaw